Restaurant Pull Thaw Sheet

Restaurant Pull Thaw Sheet

Do you know how much food should be defrosted each day? The Restaurant Pull Thaw sheet allows you to determine how much food to thaw to support your business. This is an excellent resource for you to know how much of each product to defrost each day.

Inventory – Par – Do Inventory

Inventory – Conduct a physical inventory of the previously frozen products in the walk-in.

Par – Set a specific amount of product to be pulled from the freezer into the walk-in. You need to pull the product days in advance in from the freezer in order for the product to be fully thawed before use.

Do – Do the math, par minus inventory equals the amount that needs thawed to get through the entire day and night. Do not thaw too much because you may create spoilage.

The manager should fill out the inventory section for the prep person first thing in the morning before the prep person arrives to work. Before the prep person leaves for the day the manager should review the prep sheet versus the prep in the walk-in.

The manager should check to make sure the prep was completely done and to make sure that the prep person cleaned up the prep room, swept/mopped the walk-in, swept the freezer and organized all shelves and rotated the product along with proper use of Date Dots.

All throughout the day management spot checks all the thawing products for food safety.  Several times during that prep persons shift you should be checking to make sure they are on schedule and that they are properly thawing each item correctly. The prep person or a cook also should stock the line with the thawed products from the previous day. Use the kitchen PAR sheet to determine how much product should be on the line, do not overstock as this may create spoilage.

During the inventory process if the manager notices that your restaurant did not sell much of a specific product he/or she will adjust the PAR amount for the day to reduce waste.

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Restaurant Pull Thaw Sheet


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