Store to Store Transfer

Store to Store Transfer and Borrow Sheet

Have you ever had to borrow product from another restaurant? Do you own more than one restaurant and sometimes need to move products from one to the other restaurant? The Store to Store Transfer and Borrow sheet tracks all items moving between stores.

Knowing transferred or borrowed items between restaurants impacts your bottom-line. Every restaurant needs to know what they have in stock and maintain a proper inventory.

Why do you think tracking the store to store transfers matters?

  • Items will be identified for inventories at both stores
  • Products may need to be returned or reimbursed
  • You will be able to identify the reason, if there are discrepancies in the food costs of both stores.

The restaurant transfer borrow sheet is a great way to keep track of your products between restaurants.  When conducting inventories and your food cost is not in line, always check to see if the product was transferred or borrowed between restaurants.

Restaurant Store to Store Transfer Borrow Sheet


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restaurant store to store transfer borrow sheet
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More about inventory and Cash Control

Are you doing inventory at all your restaurants? Furthermore, if you are not doing inventory it is possible you are losing money without realizing it. We also offer some excellent tools to track inventory, food costs and sales.

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