The Customers Eye

The Customers Eye



The customers eyeYou are properly wondering what the customer eye is. Step into your customers shoes and pretend to be that guest, see through their eyes and hear what they hear. The customers will see in more detail the restaurant’s atmosphere, cleanliness.

Customers will see and notice certain things in your restaurant that may pertain to customer service and training.
As your customers are sitting down in your dining room, they are looking and hearing everything that’s going on in the restaurant.
Management and the staff members are spending a great deal of time in the restaurant, therefore they are exposed to the daily routine. They become used to seeing the same things on a daily base.
Whereas customers are entering the restaurant possibly for the first time, they see things such as;

  • Restaurant cleanliness.
  • Manager presence in the dining room.
  • Management interaction with customers and employees.
  • Management consistency.
  • Training issues.
  • Restaurant ambiance.
  • Professionalism with customers and employees.

Customers are your second pair of eyes. Get from behind the counter and stand in the exact same spot where your customers stand. Tune everything out of your mind with the exception of your visual sense and hearing, be the guest. See what they see and hear what they hear.

Your restaurant’s reputation is critical to repeat business and growth. Every business owner wants to generate more revenue for their restaurant, it’s how you generate that revenue that counts. It is earned by providing excellent wow customer service to each and every guest 100% of the time. Eliminate all eyesores from the customers view

Your restaurant or bars employees’ mentality should be the customer’s eye.


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