Restaurant Managers Opening Checklist

Restaurant Managers Opening Checklist

The restaurant manager’s opening checklist is a fantastic way to organize the shift. Your manager will know what to do before opening and during the shift.The restaurant manager’s opening checklist can also be used as a cheat sheet for existing managers or new managers. By using this checklist you will have a good quality opening. Of course, your managers must use this checklist consistently and correctly.

restaurant managers opening checklist

If you like, you can laminate the sheet as a reminder, or you can print out copies. Keep the restaurant manager’s opening checklist in the office to remind management what needs to be done to properly open the restaurant.

The key to a good quality opening is consistent management standards. All your managers should be doing the right thing. If you find managers who are not following through, you can set up an action plan to improve their performance. A good manager will have high standards and integrity.

Keeping Staff on Track

Who will monitor management in making sure that the checklist is being utilized daily? Have your managers place the signed opening checklists in a designated area of the office. You can audit the use of checklists by reviewing the signed Restaurant Manager Opening Checklists.

A great idea is to have mystery shoppers visit to see if the restaurant is running smoothly. In addition, find out if managers are performing well by visiting unannounced. This keeps your managers accountable. If you are finding problems, then ask for the restaurant managers opening checklist.

Another awesome way to assure that your staff is maintaining standards and consistency is to install video surveillance cameras. You will find that if employees know that they are being watched or recorded they will be on their best behavior. However, some employees may learn how to avoid detection and will work around the camera system. Watch out for that kind of behavior because they are probably hiding something.

What about Management Training?

You can also use the Restaurant Managers Opening Checklist as a simple training tool. In addition, use it with the Manager’s Walk-through and Figure Eights guide. Especially relevant to your managers, we have a detailed Restaurant Management Training Manual. Go take a look at the manuals after ordering this item.

Restaurant Managers Opening Checklist


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Restaurant Managers Opening Checklist

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Restaurant Managers Opening Checklist

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