Daily Sales Report With Alcohol

Daily Sales Report With Alcohol

The Daily Sales Report with Alcohol stores a record of your restaurant’s cash flow. At a glance, you will know what your percentages are per category. It’s a record of how much in dollars in coupons you redeemed.

You will know how many dollars in guest comps were processed. Record the total of all discounted on employee and manager meals.

Another page shows at a glance month-to-month and year-to-date all the totals of each category. Best of all, you eliminate time and error because your managers simply need to fill in the blanks consistently.

No more using a calculator and wasting valuable management time and labor hours to manually figure out the numbers. In addition, you’ll find great bar charts to view the progress of your restaurant’s sales, comps, guest counts, and cash shortages or overages.

This will allow you to see a bigger picture at a glance and help determine where problems are occurring, so you can quickly find solutions.

At the bottom of each daily sheet is a Manager Communication Log, and an overall calendar–which you can use to record notes and important information.

The daily sales report is a fantastic tool to track sales and other restaurant figures. By documenting the figures at close you can view at a glance your progression daily/weekly/monthly.

Simply have the closing manager or if you are only open for breakfast and/or lunch, then have that manager retrieve the closing sales figures and misc figures from the end of the shift closeout slip.

Then, after you enter all the necessary figures onto the daily sales sheet it automatically calculates the figures for you. You will be keeping a record of the daily sales from day-to-day.

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Daily Sales Report With Alcohol Program

daily sales report with alcohol

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