Restaurant 101 – The Restaurant Managers Performance Evaluation

The Restaurant Managers Performance Performance Evaluation is a fantastic tool to gauge the manager’s performance in your restaurant.  Embed into the minds of your managers “to take personal ownership when managing the restaurant or business”.   Basically the managers need to manage the business as if the owners were present. The owner’s ultimate goal is to train management to act as if they are the owners with pride.

Create an attainable managers training program with detailed and specific information, goals and time frames. Managers, supervisors and key holders need to be held at a higher standard. Before the training program begins you need to make sure you are hiring top performers.  Avoid job jumpers, and unexplained or missing dates of hire from previous employment. Always verify previous job references, get in the habit of verifying previous job references before you schedule an interview. Following this practice will eliminate undesirables or individuals with poor previous job references, do your homework.

As an added layer of protection for the restaurant always do background checks, you never know who you are hiring. Employees handling cash and sensitive information should have a background check done on them.  This may eliminate or reduce the chances of hiring someone with a criminal past.

Some businesses conduct credit checks on the candidates, if the candidate cannot handle their own finances, then how you expect them to handle yours.

The managers training program can last up to several weeks to several months depending on the restaurant style and size. Successful training programs cover not only the operational aspect of the business; it also covers the financial part as well.

The person who is managing your restaurant should be trained in every position and should master each position to a higher standard:

  • Greeter
  • Server
  • Bartender
  • Prep Cook
  • Cook
  • Dishwasher
  • Manager, Supervisor or Key Holder

There will be times that employees will call out or your restaurant is busier than normal. The manager, supervisor or key holder on duty will have to help out in one or several of those positions to help elevate the stress.  You can’t close the restaurant because of a call out or lock the doors early. The person managing the shift will step in and step out when the situation calms down or becomes manageable.  it’s not just working harder, it’s about working smarter.  Always anticipate possible issues that might occur during times when employees call out or if sales is higher then projected.  Create a contingency plan on how to maintain customer service during those stressful times in your restaurant.  Practice makes perfect.

Remember the guest does not care about call outs or higher sales than expected. The customer expects exceptional service with great tasting food served fast. To accomplish this, the manager will help out as needed and will promote sense of urgency to all staff members.

Use the manager performance review to gauge the employee’s knowledge and performance of the entire restaurant.  The use of this valuable tool will give you some insight of the employees’ performance; look for areas of opportunity and strengths.  As an added bonus we have included an action plan which if used properly will help the employee each their area of opportunity goals. When setting these goals they need to be attainable, reasonable with time frames. Hold the employee accountable when these goals are not met.  If the employee can’t attain or correct the goals, than they should not be managing your restaurant.

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