Restaurant Consulting in the Lehigh Valley PA Area

Restaurant Consulting in the Lehigh Valley PA Area

The beautiful area of Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania,restaurant-consulting-lehigh-valley-pa-media near the cities of Allentown and Bethlehem, boasts many restaurants from elegant to family dining – and with our help, you can identify and target areas of your own restaurant business that can be strengthened to enable steady growth and a happier clientele.

Workplace Wizards offers both phone and on-site consultations, with the initial phone consultation completely free of charge. Our calls are open to all potential clients, and our scheduled phone consultations involve real people who will take your needs seriously while taking the time to get to know you and your personal concerns and business needs.

Some of the many areas we can consult on with you:

Why is your restaurant losing profits or employees?
How can you improve management/worker relations?
What are some better methods of training and maintaining or improving morale?
Are your core business practices executing well and satisfying customers?
How well are business costs and responsibilities managed?
Could better procedures and policies grow your business?
…and much more!

If you’re a local restaurant owner or manager, we’d love to visit your location in or near Lehigh Valley to speak with you personally about your needs. We’ll bring copies of forms, checklists and reference flashcards designed to communicate what we can offer your company while listening to and understanding your issues and vision for your restaurant’s future growth.

In addition, we can work with you on more efficient training and accounting methods for different areas of your business, from dishwashing to hosting to cost/loss control – even server-specific training information found on the WOW Service Program web page. With our assistance, you’ll be running more effectively and serving your customers’ appetites for a great experience while also expanding your own bottom line.

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