Food Safety Manager Training

Food Safety Manager Training
Food Safety Manager Training

Food Safety Manager Training is essential for every restaurant everywhere. Every state requires at least one food safety manager certified per restaurant.

Food Safety Tips for Restaurants

Some restaurants actually require that all managers be certified in food safety manager training. It is best to have all of your managers, certified in food safety simply because one manager who is certified cannot cover all the shifts in your restaurant.

Having all your managers / supervisors or key holders certified in food safety manager training on each shift minimizes the chance of foodborne illnesses, deaths to foodborne illnesses or lawsuits.

As management walks throughout the restaurant they will be able to observe and correct employees who are not following food safety and sanitation guidelines.

What can happen if I don’t have certified managers on every shift?
You risk everything.

What happens if a cook prepares food that was undercooked or contaminated?

Maybe a server sent back a ticket that has allergies written on it and the cooks prepared the food and contaminated it by not follow the allergy request.

Maybe the food was left out at room temperature over 4 hours and therefore compromising food safety (temperature danger zone).

There are literally hundreds of reasons that can compromise food safety.

What can and will happen if some gets sick or dies due to not following food safety:

  • A visit from your local health department – The findings will be available to the public to view and that will impact future repeat business.. The inspector can close your restaurant until the issues are corrected
  • The risk of a lawsuit – Monetary damages can hurt your bottom line dramatically.
  • Closure of the restaurant.

Food safety manager training is key in providing a safe place for your customers to dine.

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Click on the interactive map below to view each state requires courses and cost of the food safety manager training course with practice test and exam.

Food Safety Manager Training
Practice Test and Exam

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