Word of Mouth

Word Of Mouth


There are many ways to advertise your restaurant such as:

  • Word of Mouth
  • Utilizing billboards
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Magazines
  • Social media
  • Coupons
  • Banners

Believe it or not the number one source of advertising is


How do you introduce the word-of-mouth effectively in your restaurant?

Let’s start with the definition of word of mouth: when a guest leaves your restaurant in a positive manner he or she spreads the word of great service to friends, family and coworkers. People will trust what they heard about the restaurant because it is coming from a reliable source.


It takes a lot of dedication from the owners and managers to instill consistency and create great habits in their employees.

It all starts during the hiring process and ends when your employees plant an everlasting positive memory in the guest’s mind.

Think about how many times have you personally dined in a restaurant and received WOW service. Every employee in your restaurant should be empowered  in making every guest happy before leaving your restaurant.

During the training process it is very important to focus on customer service for all staff members; not just servers and greeters, but even dishwashers, cooks, and other back of house employees. Those staff members will interact with your guest at one point or another. Everyone must display a positive attitude and greet every guest.

As your guest enters the restaurant, every employee must be involved in creating a magical dinning experience, as this will create new customers and repeat business. The dinning room is the stage and your guest are the audience – the show must go on. Do what you have to do to create the WOW FACTOR.

 Here are some effective ways to WOW each and every guest:

  • Have your greeters open front doors for every single guest as they enter and depart your restaurant.   
  • It is very important that every employee and management projects a positive atmosphere with smiles and genuine concern.
  • Properly train your employees to be effective in delivering great customer service to your guests.
  • The manager on duty during all periods needs to be where the money’s is, in the dining room where your guests are located.
  • The manager will touch each table to ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Manager on duty will be proactive in preventing inferior service.
  • Training all of your employees from the dishwasher to the cooks, servers and bus boys on how to greet the guest as they enter and depart the restaurant, train your employees on the seating procedures.

For every guest leaves your restaurant they will tell their family friends and coworkers about the dining experience they received from your establishment. The Word-of-mouth will spread quickly.

In reverse if the guest receives poor customer service that Word-of-Mouth will spread to their friends, family and coworkers like wildfire and that is a restaurant killer.

 Teach the WOW factor, work it and live it.   



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